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Built For
1000's of Rounds
Only Target Safe For
Close Quarter Shooting
3D Target for Most
Realistic Training

How We are different

Ultra Durable

Self-healing targets designed to absorb thousands of rounds and withstand repeated trips to the gun range.

American Made

Proudly manufactured here in the United States from 100% recycled rubber.

Unparalleled realism

The best training happens under real-life conditions, and our life-sized targets are exceptionally realistic.

Safe for close quarters

Bullets don’t ricochet off, they pass through. Ideal for indoor ranges and close-up self-defense training.

All Calibers welcome

Handles all sizes – from .17 HMR to .50 BMG, from .22 to .50 S&W.

Unique training tool

Shoot from multiple angles and distances to prepare for the non-predictable variables of the real world.


Not steel, not paper
Life-sized targets that allow you to shoot in three dimensions.
Close-quarter drills
Rubber Dummies eliminate the safety concern of ricochets, allowing for realistic training.
Real-life threat simulations
Practice shooting from varying angles and distances.
Accuracy feedback
Know instantly how precise shot placement was.
Multi-target scenarios
Simulate CQB, house clearing and other tactics
Edged weapon training
Durable enough to hold up to close-combat training with knives and tomahawks.