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Starter Kits

Whether you’re military, law enforcement, security or a recreational shooter, everything you need to bring realism to the range can be found in one of our four starter kits. All of our kits include targets, stands, “Kill Shot” packets tacked to the Dummies to help define impact points and primer paint to recoat the Dummie after use.

Our Triple Packs allow for multiple training scenarios like hostage rescue, multiple assailants, high compression training, multi-gun, and multi-distance.

We have two thicknesses of Dummies – the EP version is thicker and more realistic.

Our steel stands, weighing about 20 pounds each, feature AR500 steel tops, ⅛” steel bases and easily replaceable ¾” plumbing pipe. Our Triple Packs have an option for various stand heights.  **KILL SHOT & PAINT CANS are OUT OF STOCK until further notice**

Dummie Reloads

Require additional Rubber Dummies? This is an easy way to customize your training, with both the standard Rubber Dummie and the Rubber Dummie EP targets available as singles or in 3-packs. This is an easy way to add more targets and enhance your time at the range. Stands, Kill Shot packets and paint not included.


In addition to our targets, we offer an assortment of stands and mounting brackets that provide more variety for your Rubber Dummies. We also have “Kill Shot” packets, an invaluable tool that helps determine when the shot has hit a critical target zone. These also drive home the concept of proper shot placement when practicing quartering and dynamic shooting. The powder is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and non-staining. Includes tacks.  **KILL SHOT IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE**


Apparel for off or on the range, before, during, and after training with Rubber Dummie targets.